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Minimum time of delivery - 1 hour
Delivery of flowers to Zhytomyr and Zhytomyr region WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES
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1. You can process order in comfortable for you time. In an order to choose a commodity from the assortment of shop, you must open CATALOGUE of FLOWERS, which you will find in: are the Gift bouquets; are Bouquets for Persons whose anniversary be celebrate; are the Floral baskets; are the Living flowers; are the Weddings bouquets.

2. Simply add a commodity to the basket, pressing to „PURCHASE" and will execute actions in obedience to instruction, in order that to process order, or will call us by phone 
+38 (099) 120-35-54  
+38 (068) 759-37-99
3. We guarantee delivery of order during 24 hours after the receipt of order or in a day which you chosen from 8:00 to 19:00.
4. Unfortunately, there are such situations at which we can not guarantee high-quality delivery: - if Recipient was not in place in the moment of delivery, then a courier can leave flowers in the agreed place, where Recipient would be able then to take away them; - if address  Recipient wrong or incomplete, but a courier tried to execute delivery, at that rate an order is considered executed, and a money does not return; - if an order must was delivered in an office house, where he can be left for an administrator, him often forget to pass. It is not those terms in which it is possible to save flowers; - if Recipient gave up the receipt of colors, we do not return money.
5. What you will leave more information about Recipient, so much the better result! If you will leave us an address and telephone, We can avouch for you 100% delivery in time.
6. If you do an order on a site, you will get his copy. Please, as quick as possible check up him, that in future there were not misunderstanding.  
7. you can abolish the order not later, than 24 hours prior to the planned date of delivery. Please, will reveal to about it the administrator by phone and wait confirmations, that Your order was abolished.
8. If you ordered the picture of Recipient, you must know that you can get it on e-mail during 2th workings days.  
9. If, you did not find a suitable bouquet or gift in our shop, you can write on our e-mail address of elitflora@gmail.com . what you khochete to see the gift and we will do all possible, to perform Your order:
Description of order:
Date of ordering fulfillment:
Approximate price:
Additional services:
Unique possibility to take picture a favourite man in the moment of receipt of colors!  Attention - at an order a picture warn Recipient in advance about that him will take pictures. In the case of refuse Recipient taken pictures on one or another reasons, or absences of him in the indicated place, complaints are not accepted, and a money does not return.  A picture leaves by an e-mail during 2th days from the moment of congratulation.
Cost of favour: 50 Uah  
Delivery to on the Zhitomir area:
Executed on an additional tariff, depending on the place of location of Recipient.
Berdichev - 450 Uah.
Korosten -850 Uah.
Korostyshev - 350 Uah.
Novograd-Volhynia - 850 Uah.
Delivery of other commodities without a bouquet to one address:
Cost of favour: 80 Uah

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